Fishing Charters

Getaway Marina can book your fishing charter of a lifetime! Inshore, Off shore, near shore/off shore . We have many options and prices to fit every ones  budget.  Call us and one of our Captains will explain each of the different fishing trips you can take . Don’t forget ,weather is a key factor in your planning so sometimes we cannot do the day you  might want, but with so many options we can get you out on the water safely and catch some fish!

Inshore: Back Bay Trips – 4 Anglers Max
Nearshore: 9 miles – 6 Anglers Max – nearshore fishing trips (9-12 nautical miles) approx $600-$650
Offshore: 30 + miles – 6 Max – Call our ship store / bait and tackle shop for more info on prices (239) 466-3600


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